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there was a time before these experiences shaped us. do you remember? years before we scaled all those unforgiving mountain ranges, before the codes were counted, and before the firmament fell. melting. wavering. corporeal. now our minds are increasingly augmented by technology and time's passage becomes difficult for our hearts to feel. do you remember! before your phone vibrated in your pocket every fifteen minutes to remind you of minutia that is neither here nor there? do you remember! before we lived in fear of the police ticketing us for being at the park after sunset? do you remember!!! endless field saga tour mmxiii? a few short weeks ago i thought i was done with music. royal flush done. i thought i was done with music and so i released this one - senescence - haphazardly and at 33.3% completion. i zipped the wav. i walked away. alas. it was not meant to be. i have now fully accepted my destiny and all the terrifying / inherent / beautiful uncertainty that comes with it. here i am again. alone late at night and drowning in drones. i have finished the last songs, bounced them to cassette to engineer some lo-fi glory, and i now present them to you, dear listener, in the utmost humility - for i walked away from too many projects and i have turned down too many friends to fold now. i have always released these albums for you, dear listener, but this time it's different. this time i release it for me. let this one be my beacon through the mists of time. to the three people who downloaded this album in it's initial stage: thank you.

- - - - - - - - - -

1. northern illinois
i. wastes of the north
ii. procession of the hauntologists
iii. deed of the drones
iv. tears of the space cowboy (w/ kevin, dorian & arthur)
v. song of the cicada
2. we failed
3. january 1st, 1970 + zero gmt

- - - - - - - - - -


released September 23, 2013

written & recorded by tyler etters from june 2013 through september 2013 at endless field studios except for 'tears of the space cowboy' which was also written by kevin clark, dorian zdrinc and arthur zdrinc sometime back in 2011.